7 key questions to identify or validate business opportunities like an expert

7 preguntas claves en la investigacion de mercados 2

Market research is quintessential to understanding our clients and pinpointing opportunities. While this task might seem daunting at first glance, we have all engaged in investigative pursuits. Reflect on those moments when you delved into social media or inquired amongst friends about someone who piqued your interest. Channel that same intrigue and tenacity into the business realm, and you’ll soon realize that you innately possess the skills to dissect and fathom the market.

With a tenure exceeding 15 years guiding entrepreneurs and delving into markets, I’ve grasped the paramount importance of asking the right questions. Hence, I present to you a curated list based on my hands-on experience. I often eschew conventional surveys, leaning towards in-depth interviews that unveil the underlying emotions, aspirations, and experiences of clients – pivotal elements for sculpting successful business models. Let’s delve into the seven key insights I propose:

Forge Genuine Connection: Initiate with a greeting, introduce yourself, and clarify the motive behind your study, say, exploring the feasibility of a Colombian coffee shop. Highlight the significance of their viewpoint for your venture. During the discourse, refrain from interruptions, imposing your perceptions, or pressing for particular answers. Their candidness is indispensable for your venture’s triumph.

Profiling Your Potential Client: After genuinely connecting with your respondent, it’s imperative to amass sociodemographic data. Instead of probing directly for age or income, opt for intervals. For instance, provide age ranges rather than precise numbers. Don’t omit inquiries about their education and other pivotal details to delineate the quintessential client profile aligned with your objective.

Acquainting with the Competition: It’s paramount to pinpoint your principal competitors and comprehend why they’re favored by your prospective clientele. An effective question might be: “When contemplating [your product or activity, e.g., drinking coffee], which venues spring to mind, and what attributes do you value about them?”

Spotting Areas of Enhancement: Upon discerning what clients cherish about the competition, directly ask where they perceive potential enhancements. These insights will be a goldmine, highlighting competitors’ perceived shortcomings and opportunities for differentiation and adding distinctive value. If you manage to address these gaps while assimilating practices already appreciated by clients, you’ll be poised to launch your venture with a unique and invaluable approach.

Gauging Demand: It’s crucial to discern our clients’ average purchasing patterns, be it daily, weekly, monthly, and so on, along with the quantity. This equips us to forecast potential demand, justifying our sales and revenue projections.

Determining Decision-making Variables: Recognizing variables that influence clients’ purchasing decisions, both overtly and subtly, lies at the very crux of market research. Reflect on the primary criteria employed when considering a specialty coffee establishment for the first time.

Delving into Product and Client Experience: Other complementary inquiries revolve around understanding client expectations, such as preferred beverage sizes, desired accompaniments, and price thresholds.

Regarding market enhancement, it’s pivotal to identify the chief challenges clients perceive in existing coffeehouses. Furthermore, it would be invaluable to grasp their preferred social media channels for information and any innovative suggestions to elevate their experience.

Equipped with this roadmap on question formulation and the aspects to emphasize, I trust you’ll be adept at crafting robust questionnaires that delve deep into the psyche of your potential clientele. Comprehending your clients is not a one-off endeavor but a continuous commitment. Even post-establishment, it’s imperative to periodically revisit these queries to reaffirm your business model and persistently innovate. If you’re keen to delve deeper into my methodology – SKAI High-Impact Creative Solutions that better the world, I invite you to explore my website http://www.jhoanalombana.com, and subscribe to my newsletter.

Warm entrepreneurial regards and look forward to connecting on my social platforms.

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